If dreams had soundtracks, Synthcake’s haunting, infectious tunes would surely lay down the melodies to a thousand strange fantasies, tickling the brain with musical fingers and provoking neuron storms reminiscent of Ray Bradbury and his finest sci-fi and fantasy writing. Indeed “Something wicked this way comes”—hither and thither, crashing, banging, shrieking, and enchanting—when Synthcake takes the stage. Featuring synthesizers, accordion, trumpet, glockenspiel and drums, Synthcake’s creepy dance ballads weave a lush and delicious spell, calling, ‘come one, come all: welcome to the electronic carnival’.

Described as a cross between Portishead and Tom Waits, Synthcake is fronted by songwriter Lana Pitre who plays synth and sings lead vocals. Sean Bayntun plays keys, bass synth, and additional synths, while Kristy-Lee Audette plays trumpet and glockenspiel, in addition to performing vocal harmonies and sampling, and Daniel Ruiz rounds out the quartet on drums. Together, these exciting young musicians embrace audiences with their psychedelic, bohemian, spinning and reeling dervish of sound.

band members

  • Lana Pitre Lead-Vocals, Synth, Song Writer
  • Kristy-Lee Audette-Trumpet, Glock, Vocal Harmonies, Sampler
  • Sean Bayntun-Keyboards and Bass Synth
  • Daniel Ruiz-Drums